The Electric Fiat 500E - From the USA in Retzlaff edition

From 13.999 Euro

Incl.taxes, registration, MOT and guarantee

The electric Fiat 500E:

affordable, sustainable, adorable!

Where can an electric car show its strengths best? In the metropoles, like Berlin. No exhaust fumes, silent, quirky, small comfortable and very pleasing to look at, – that’s the full electric Fiat 500E. Rechargeable at any 11KW charging point, but also at any 220v household socket.
The range varies between 130 -160 km, depending on temperature and driving conditions.

But – Fiat is offering the car in California, USA only. So, we decided to import the Fiat 500E to Germany ourselves . As very young used cars with few miles recorded. Offered to you in Berlin starting at 13.995 Euro all including. Mind you, the car is priced at 32.000 USD new in California!In fact, it should be priced at 50.000 USD, because Fiat claims they loose 18.000 USD with every sale, but they do have to offer the car in California, as otherwise they would not be allowed to sell any Fiat model at all over there, due to emission regulations.

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Turn a Fiat 500E into your very personal Fiat 500E

• NRG portable charging station
Standard wheels in your choice of colour
Aluminium wheels 7 x 16
All year round tyres
Bow above side windows wrapped in colour of your choice
Replace back seats with transport platform
Full leather interior

All prices plus MwSt.

€ 999
€ 499
€ 899
€ 399
€ 499
€ 399